Fresh from the Midwest

At Aurora Angus Beef®, we’ve been proud to offer the finest Midwest Angus Beef to our customers for over 70 years.  Since 1939, our premium Black Angus beef has been served in upscale restaurants and gourmet delicatessens where the top chefs and culinary butchers demand excellence in quality and taste.

Today, Aurora Angus Beef can be found in the premium section of the meat case in many US supermarkets, where discerning shoppers can be assured of

  • great tasting
  • fully traceable
  • premium Black Angus Beef from the Midwest
Aurora Angus Beef

“Aurora is committed to delivering complete transparency to our customers through our DNA process. It offers foolproof assurance that the Aurora Angus has been produced according to the highest standards set forth in our program.”