Fox River Foods to Distribute Aurora Angus with DNA TraceBack

Aurora Packing Co., the sole producer of Aurora Angus ® brand Black Angus beef, has reached an agreement with Fox River Foods, Inc. that allows the company to distribute Aurora Angus products throughout Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, Missouri, Iowa and Minnesota. Because American consumers not only prefer branded beef, but also want to know where their food is coming from, customer demand for Aurora Angus continues to rise.

Aurora Angus beef is the first beef brand in the U.S. to offer guaranteed traceability. Their DNA TraceBack® program not only ensures consistency and superior quality through scientifically proven animal genetics, but it also verifies the exact origin of each individual cut of beef. Each animal is DNA sampled so that in every stage of the production chain – from the farm gate, through the processing plant, and into a restaurant kitchen – the precise origin of Aurora Angus beef is unequivocally guaranteed.

Aurora Angus is high end choice grade Midwest Black Angus beef, worthy of a place on the finest restaurant menus.  All cattle are raised in the Midwest and finished on corn for exceptional flavor and tenderness. The Midwest climate resembles the breed’s native home in Scotland, making this the best U.S. region for raising Black Angus.

The Aurora Angus livestock are sourced within 300 miles of Aurora Packing Co. and processed at sister company, New City Packing, in Aurora, IL. Both companies are approximately 10 miles away from Fox River Foods, located in Montgomery, IL. Because the companies are sourcing locally, the products travel less miles, which is beneficial for the environment and fresher for customers due to the shorter supply chain.

All product is aged a minimum of 21 days, and a variety of cuts are available. Restaurants who would like to serve Aurora Angus beef on their menus should contact Fox River Foods, Inc.