Aurora Packing Company Debuts First DNA-Traceable Kosher Beef in Three States


North Aurora, Ill., June 19, 2012— Kosher beef consumers in New York, Florida and California can now purchase the first kosher beef to be fully DNA-traceable back to the animal of origin. Developed by Aurora Packing Company, the 70-year-old premium meat packer and leading U.S. kosher beef producer based in Aurora, Ill., Aurora Kosher Choice Beef® is overseen by DSJ Global and verified by the DNA TraceBack® process developed by IdentiGEN North America of Lawrence, Kan.

The first distributor to market Aurora Kosher Choice Beef to dominant kosher markets in the U.S. is Shalom Farms, a kosher food distributor based in Bronx, NY.

Aurora Kosher beef is the first kosher beef brand in the U.S. to offer DNA-traceability, which ensures adherence to kosher processing standards and superior quality, and verifies the exact origin of individual cuts of beef. Each animal is DNA-sampled at every stage of the production chain.

Aurora Kosher cattle are raised in the Midwest, within 300 miles of Chicago, and finished on corn for exceptional flavor and tenderness.

“Kosher beef consumers can trust that Aurora Kosher Choice Beef is an authentic, carefully raised beef that is produced according to the highest kosher standards. The DNA TraceBack process gives us a means of communicating its premium quality to consumers,” said Lowell Zoet, VP & general manager of Aurora Packing Company.

DNA TraceBack enables retailers, meat producers, meat processors and food service outlets to respond to the growing consumer demand for more information about where and how their meat is produced.


About Aurora Packing Company

Aurora Packing Company is a 70-year-old company based in Northern Illinois. It is the sole and exclusive producer of Aurora Angus® Brand beef as well as other high-quality branded beef products, produced exclusively from Midwest beef.

About IdentiGEN North America

IdentiGEN North America, Inc., is a privately held company, and a leading provider of DNA-based solutions to the agriculture and food industries. It is based in Lawrence, Kansas. Through IdentiGEN’s DNA-based TraceBack® process, retailers, meat processors, producers and local governments, for the first time, have the tools to unequivocally trace meat back to its source. Additional information can be found at and