Byington Farm

“Our Grandfather bought Byington farm in 1959 and our family have been feeding cattle ever since. We are in tune with our animals and are attentive to their needs, always taking great care of them. We have partnered with Aurora for many years and this isn’t going to change anytime soon.” – Jay Byington

Circle G Farm

“Our family has owned this farm since the early 1900’s and we are very passionate about what we do. We take care of our animals always giving them the best feed and comfortable living conditions to produce quality cattle we are proud to put the Groenhagen name to”. – Larry & Garry Groenhagen.

Northwest Illini Farm

“I am a 4th generation veterinarian and grew up farming in North West Iowa. This is the 100th year my family has been involved in the veterinary business and livestock production and we understand that the welfare of our animals affects the quality of cattle produced” – Dr. Jeff Waite